Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
  • Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
  • Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
  • Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
  • Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria


The Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that wiped out most of the... see more
The Earth is recovering from a catastrophic explosion that wiped out most of the population centuries ago and rendered almost the entire surface uninhabitable due to supernatural atmospheric conditions. see less
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Anachrony is a competitive strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world, featuring a unique two-tier worker placement system. In order to travel to the Capital or go into the devastated areas to search for resources, players will not only need various Specialists (Engineers, Scientists, Administrators and Geniuses), but also Exotraits to protect them and grant them upgrades - and both are scarce. Through time travel, players will be able to interact with previous turns, and will assume the role of symbolic leaders of the four Paths, striving not only to achieve supremacy and the welfare of their own, but also to survive alongside the other ideologies. The game is played over 4-7 turns (called Eras), depending on the time in which the cataclysm happens (unless, of course, it is avoided!). The turns are measured on a dynamic Timeline. By supplying energy to Temporal Rifts, players can resource their past selves. Each Path has a radically different objective that rewards a huge amount of victory points to the player who completes it. After the fourth Age, an asteroid impact will rock the Earth, threatening to destroy the Capital, and the Paths must be prepared for the cataclysm and help evacuate the ruined Capital. The Path settlements will survive the impact, but the Capital will not. Whichever Path manages to score the most points will be the new location for the Capital, i.e. the most important force on the planet.

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Contents: 1 main board, 4 player boards, 80 workers (25 Scientists, 25 Engineers, 15 Administrators, 15 Geniuses), 80 cubes - resource tokens (15x Neutronium, 20x Gold, 20x Uranium, 25x Titanium), 24 Energy Core tokens, 66 Victory Point tokens, 30 Water Drops (in two colors), 24 Exo-suit markers, 4 double-sided reference cards, 8 Leader cards, 4 player banners with plastic base, 8 markers (Time Travel, Morale), 32 Path markers, 36 triangular Deformation tiles, 60 Eedifice tiles, 11 Recruitment cards, 11 Mine cards, 12 Timeline tiles, 1 Impact tile, 18 Super Project tiles, 2 Research dice, 1 Paradox die,1 Evacuation tile, 12 Anomaly tiles, 45 Progress tiles, 15 Capital in Ruins tiles, 9 "Hexagon not available" tiles, 8 End of Game Conditions cards, 16 Initial Possessions cards, 1 scoring pad, 16 Paradox markers, 10 level 1 Experiments, 10 level 2 Experiments, 1 end of game condition card, 1 Doomsday board, 1 "Save the Earth" marker, 1 "Seal the Fate" marker, 1 Chronobot board, 1 Chronobot banner, 6 Exosuit markers, 8 Chronobot tiles, 6 Chronobot markers, 1 Chronobot die

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Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria
Anachrony : Board Games : Gameria

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