Shipping Policy

When you make a purchase through our website you can indicate whether you want us to send it to you or you can pick it up at the store.


Products indicated as "shipped" will be delivered to the address indicated within 24 to 48 hours:

Spain (peninsula)

Superior 60€


Lower 60€


Balearic Islands

Superior 80€


Lower 80€



Superior 60€


Lower 60€


The customer has a maximum of 7 days to check the condition of the product upon receipt and inform us of any anomalies.

Store pickup

Products marked with "pick up in store" can be picked up free of charge during store opening hours. Remember to wait for confirmation of availability.

Product Returns and Cancellations Policy


Our policy adheres to the current regulations, which grant the right to return any item purchased at Gameria.con within 14 calendar days from the date the user or an authorized third party receives the product.

Wrong or damaged product

If the product received is not the one ordered or has any damage caused during storage and shipment, we will pay the shipping costs to replace the correct product as long as stock is available. Otherwise, a full refund will be made

Defective product or material shortage

If the product received is defective or missing material from the factory, we will arrange with the publisher the request for the missing or defective material. The publisher will be responsible for the condition of the product.

Change of opinion

If you do not like the product you have purchased, we will accept the return as long as it is in its original packaging, in perfect condition and within the 14 days indicated. In this situation, the shipping costs must be paid by the user who has made the purchase of the product.

To manage the return of a product you must contact us, you can do so through any of the channels indicated on our website.


If an order is cancelled after it has already left the warehouse, the customer must pay both the shipping and return costs.

Cancellations by Gameria

Gameria reserves the right to cancel any order or product if for technical reasons, a malfunction of the technical management platforms used by the store, has allowed the sale of a product that does not exist in the stores

In any case, such cancellation by Gameria will imply a full refund of the amount paid by the customer.

Event Refund and Cancellation Policy


In the case of tickets to participate in Events, no reimbursement will be made in the event of no-show or non-participation in the event purchased. In no event will there be any alternative compensation for failure to attend or participate in the event.


In the event that, due to distribution reasons or problems with the organized game of the game in question, we are forced to cancel an event, Gameria will fully refund the amount paid corresponding to the registration fee of the purchased event.

In the event that, for distribution reasons or problems with the organized game of the game in question, we are forced to move the event to another day, Gameria will offer customers the opportunity to participate on that day, and if the customer has informed the store of their inability to attend, the material for participation will be reserved to be picked up at the store within 14 calendar days of the event.

Presales and Reservations Policy

Pre-Sale Products

The products indicated with the category "PRE SALE" can be purchased before the distributor provides them to us, an approximate or provisional release date is indicated in the description of these products.

The amount paid for an item indicated as "PRE-SALE" is non-refundable except in the following situations:

1 - Cancellation of manufacture by the manufacturer or distributor.

2 - Receipt of insufficient units to meet customer demand.

Gameria will not indemnify in any way those customers who for manufacturing or distribution reasons cannot receive their products in pre-sale.

Insufficient units to meet demand

In the event that the receipt of units of a product is less than the demand for it, they will be sent to customers who have purchased the product in presale by date of purchase (starting with the oldest) until stocks are exhausted and the full amount will be refunded to customers who have not been able to serve the product.

Product price change prior to launch date

Some products may see their price change before the launch date, in this case two situations may occur:

1 - If the final price is lower than the amount paid by the customer, the difference in price will be refunded.

2 - If the final price is higher than the amount paid by the customer, the customer may decide to cancel the order and be refunded the full amount or, if still interested, pay the difference as long as he/she has been notified in advance (before the launch date).

Delayed launch date

Gameria is not responsible for variations that some products may suffer on the release date.

Combination of pre-sale and in-stock items

A customer can make a purchase combining products in "PRE SALE" and products in "STOCK". In this case, the complete shipment will be made when all the items that make up the purchase are available.

If the user wishes to receive the products in "STOCK" earlier, he/she must make a separate purchase for the products in "PRE-SALE".